Parent Student Handbook
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Blenman Vision Statement 

The vision of Blenman Elementary is to prepare our students to become critical, analytical thinkers through authentic learning so that they become responsible collaborative participants in a global economy. 

Mission Statement 
The mission of Blenman is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students develop critical thinking skills as self-directed learners who are empowered to contribute to their communities. 


Blenman Kindness Pledge 

At Blenman, we are all about Kindness, Respect, and Responsibility. 

I show kindness when I have empathy for others.

 I show respect when I treat others the way I want to be treated. 

I show responsibility when  I am accountable for my actions. 

At Blenman we are all about Kindness, Respect, and Responsibility. 

This handbook has been prepared to help you become familiar with Blenman Elementary School.  It was developed to inform you of the policies and procedures that may concern you and your child during the year.  Please read it thoroughly as it can answer questions and/or concerns that may arise throughout the year. 


Photo of Charles Blenman With The Text Judge Charles BlenmanBlack and White Photo Of Blenman School


Blenman History  A six-classroom facility was built in 1941-42 with classes starting in September 1942.  From a six-classroom school, the facility has grown to now accommodate over 500 students annually.   Blenman is named for Judge Charles Blenman, a prominent Tucson land developer.  He was instrumental in establishing the San Xavier Indian Reservation.   

Dear Parents,  Blenman School offers a well-rounded curriculum to its students from pre-K,  kindergarten through the fifth grade.  This guide has been prepared to better acquaint you with the information you need to help your child be successful in his/her years at Blenman.  Review this book with your child.  We trust it will also better enable you to become involved in your children’s education.   The Blenman faculty and staff look forward to working with you and your child.

Attendance/Leaving Early

Direct Phone Line: 232-6502


Excellent attendance is essential for a student’s success in school.  Each day a child is absent or tardy, the sequence of learning is broken, and planned activities are missed. Also, the school loses funding for each unexcused absence.  Please assist the school by having your child be at school every day and on time. The first bell rings at 8:26 am. Your child is considered tardy after the second bell at 8:30. Whenever a student must be absent from school, a parent or guardian must notify the school attendance office. Messages can be left even when the school office is closed. 

  • State your child’s name and teacher 

  • Please state the reason for the absence (sick, family emergency, etc.) 

  • List the specific illness (Fever, vomiting, etc.) 


All voicemail messages will be picked up promptly.  If the school is not called, an automated voice message will call your home starting at 9:00 to inquire why your child is not at school. 

Full day attendance is expected of ALL students.  All appointments with doctors, dentists, etc., should be scheduled outside of school hours.  Please note: only medical appointments or emergencies are considered excused reasons for early dismissal. For your child’s safety, all students leaving school grounds must check out in the office. Students will only be released to parents, legal guardians, or other adults listed on your child’s emergency card. Please keep the office up-dated on all changes. Please make sure the office has legal custodial documents on file.  


We encourage punctuality in order to maximize learning time for all children. Starting the day on time sets the tone for the whole day.  Students that are tardy disrupt the teaching and learning for the entire class.    Please see that your child arrives at school on time every day.  All children arriving at school after the 8:30 AM bell are expected to be escorted to the office by a parent for a late pass. We appreciate your diligence and cooperation to maximize the learning day and support student success.  Students who are tardy more than once in a week may be asked to work with our Student Success Specialist during lunch to make up their lost learning time. TUSD Drop out prevention may do home visits for families who have significant tardies. 

Make sure your child(ren) knows you think their education is important and get them here on time! 

Dismissal Plan


All students are escorted by teachers/staff to their designated place to be picked up. Parent pick up in cars is along Bentley Street. Daycare pickup is along Adams Street. Bus pickup is through the parking lot off Bentley. If your child is a walker, he/she must wait for you in the courtyard for pickup. Siblings can meet each other there. This ensures that parents can find their children afterschool. We ask for parents not to wait in hallways or outside classrooms doors. This is very disruptive to instruction. Students may not wait outside at the front of the school unsupervised. They must wait in the courtyard. This is for your child’s safety. All outside gates will remain locked until just before dismissal. Parents or students “jumping” fences may receive note from TUSD School Safety and Tucson Police.  


NOTE: Tucson Police Department and TUSD School Safety patrol our school grounds. 



All arrangements for after school plans must be made prior to coming to school. If plans are different than a typical day for your child, please phone the front office. Otherwise, your child will be instructed to follow his or her regular after school routine. Delivering messages to students during instructional time is disruptive to the learning process for all children. To avoid classroom interruptions, we will deliver messages in the last 20 minutes of the school day. If you have an urgent message, call early in the morning so there will be time to deliver the message to the teachers during their lunch.

Safe Route

Please ask your child to cross the street with the protection of the school crossing guard and to use caution while waiting for or departing from the school bus.  Arizona State Law requires children to wear safety helmets. School Crossing Guards will assist students crossing at Pima and Country Club, and Adams and Bentley. Unsafe routes or actions taken by students portal to portal will be reported to the principal and may be reported to Tucson Police and result in disciplinary action. 

Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Breakfast Program: Breakfast will be served from 7:55-8:26 AM each morning.  Unless your child arrives on a late bus, you child must finish breakfast by 8:26 and line up. Applications are available on Blenman’s website or in the school cafeteria for free or reduced price meals. Many families qualify, please be sure to apply!  You can visit to add money to your child’s account or check the balance at any time. 

Lunch Program: 
Graphic of Paper Sack and Apple
 Students are expected to sit down and eat for twenty minutes. All children in grades K-5—are expected to remain seated while eating, to clean up after their lunch, to raise a hand to be excused to line up or for restroom use, and to be cooperative. Federal regulations require that only the student who purchased a school lunch eat it. No food from the cafeteria can be brought outside to consume. Only healthy foods should be packed for lunches. Candy, sodas, and “Takis” (or other Taki-like chips) are not to be brought to school. We will request your child to eat these items afterschool if brought in for lunch. The school lunch program and food eaten at school are under federal regulations. 


Our cafeteria manager is Ms. Marina.  She may be contacted at 232-6523 if you have any questions. 

Lunch Tray With The Text Whats For Lunch

Dress Code

Dress For Success: Students are expected to dress appropriately and present themselves in a manner that reflects personal and school pride.  While we do not have a uniform, Blenman students will follow TUSD Dress Code.  


  • No spaghetti straps or shirts that expose the midriff, or plunging necklines, or “muscle shirts,” or basketball shirts without an accompanying under t-shirt.  Clothing should be free of tears and rips. Tank tops may be worn if the straps are 2 finger-width wide. 

  • No short-shorts or short skirts that expose the buttocks while sitting or standing. No shorter than mid-thigh/finger tip length.  Shorts cannot be completely covered by long t-shirts.  

  • Shirts, shorts and pants must be the appropriate size (No sagging or oversized clothes, pants must fit at the waist and underwear or boxer shorts must not be visible.

  • No clothing that portrays any statement or image that is inappropriate in any way. 

  • No accessories that can be used as weapons, such as chains, spiked rings and/or collars. 

  • No hats or sunglasses inside the building. Hats worn for decorative or sun protection outside must be worn with the visor in front. 

  • Shoes must be appropriate for school activities. Tennis shoes are strongly recommended. (No Heelys (shoes with wheels), house slippers, sandals, flip flops or high heels). Parents will be called to bring different shoes if flip-flops are worn to school. 

  • Hair color and styles must not interfere with the learning environment. 

  • Temporary tattoos may also be restricted if the location is a distraction to themselves or others. They should be placed in an area not visible at school. 

Students who violate the dress code will be required to change. Parents may be expected to bring a change of clothing or change of shoes to the Health Office. Assistance will be provided for families who cannot adhere to this dress code.  

Parent Pick-Up & Monitors


Graphic of Cartoon WhistleMonitors promote general well-being and ensure safety in the cafeteria and on the playground before school, after school, and during lunchtimes. Monitors begin morning supervision at 8am. Do not drop your students off before 8am. These monitors are trained in our PBIS procedures and provide a great service for our school.  Students are expected to respect and listen to all monitors’ directions.  If you are available to volunteer during lunch times, please contact our Office Manager at 232-6500.   

Parent Parking and Pick-Up

Except during regular pickup and arrival times, parents are asked to park in the north parking lot and must check in at the main office. There will be no access to the school from the west lot between the hours of 8:30 AM and 2:40 PM.  

Please adhere to the following safety procedures when picking up or dropping off your child in the south parking lot:  

  • During morning arrival and dismissal no cars are to proceed through the bus-bay parking lot outside the cafeteria. This is staff parking only and all gates will remain locked. 

  • Drop off for students in the morning is by the purple playground on Bentley. Gates will be locked until 8am when supervision arrives. Do not allow your child to jump over the fence to get into the school yard. 


The north parking lot is not to be used to drop students off in the morning.  This parking lot is used for teacher/parent parking only.  If a student is tardy, parents need to park and escort their child/ren into the school and sign them in.  Children are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:30 AM

Parent pick- up at dismissal is on Bentley St.  All students and adults should be using the crosswalks. Students taking day care vans will be picked up on Adams St.


EMERGENCY DRILLS Red Bell With The Text Alarm Alarm

Blenman students participate in regular evacuation drills (fire drills, evacuation, and bus drills) during the year. Additionally we have drills for lock-downs or entire school evacuations. To ensure safety in a crisis, staff reviews procedures regularly. A letter will be sent home to parents after we’ve practiced a lock down drill. 



It is essential that we have a means for contacting someone regarding issues about your child. The emergency cards are stored in the Health Office and must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Only parents and individuals listed on the emergency card will be allowed to pick-up and transport your child.  We require picture identification before releasing a child.  Please let us know whenever your address, home phone, business phone, cell phone, or emergency phone number changes during the school year.  


HEALTH OFFICE          Direct Line: 232-6517 

If your child becomes sick at school, parents are expected to make arrangements for their child to be taken home within one hour after being notified. School safety may be notified if we are unable to reach a family member or guardian. 


Non-prescription medicines of any kind will not be given or allowed at school unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.  Please do not give your child cough drops or other medicine to take at school by themselves. All prescription medicines, including inhalers, must be in the original containers and must be kept in the Health Office. Parents must sign a TUSD permission slip before medicine can be administered. 


Immunizations must be kept current. Be advised that children without required immunizations will not be allowed to attend school. 

Volunteers/Site Decision Making Committee

We enjoy and encourage volunteers.   Classroom teachers and other school staff welcome parents and guardians to volunteer their time and expertise in the following areas: Being a chaperone on a field trip; reading to students and listening to students read; shelving books in the library; helping with special events; preparing activity packets; and/or assisting children using the computer. For safety measures, each volunteer must sign in at the front office and wear a badge before entering the campus. Volunteers other than parents/guardians must provide fingerprinting clearance.  

Blenman’s School Site Council is a site-based committee that includes and represents parents, teachers, staff members, the community and the principal. The School Site Council acts as a collaborative decision-making body, working together to improve student achievement. Decisions include programs, policies, budgets, school practices, and tax credit expenditures. Everyone is invited to attend and address the Council in the “Call to the Audience” portion of the agenda. Please let the front office know if you are interested in becoming a parent representative for the Site Council. 


Supervision of the school grounds begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:55 PM.  In order to maintain the health and safety of all individuals, students cannot report to school prior to 8:00 AM. There are day cares in the area that provide transportation if you need supervision before school. School ends at 2:40 PM (1:40 PM on Wednesdays) and students must board buses/daycare vans or be picked up by parents or daycare providers at that time.  Students may not remain on campus without adult supervision.  All unaccompanied students remaining on the playground after 2:55 PM (1:55 PM on Wednesdays) will be escorted to the office and parents will be called to ensure pickup.  All outside gates are locked during school hours. Parents and visitors must come through the front office. School safety or Tucson Police will be called if no one responds. 

Tax Credit

The Arizona legislature has provided you, as an Arizona taxpayer, with a great opportunity to benefit students at Blenman.  Single people can designate up to $200 and married couples can designate up to $400 to Blenman School, and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on your income taxes.  Money goes directly to Blenman.  Last year, Tax Credit dollars supported our extra curricular Fine Arts, tutoring, and sports programs. Your credit can make a big difference.

Visit the A-Z Tax Credit TUSD page to give online

Student Rights/Retention & Promotion 


Teachers make decisions regarding retention or promotion using observation and performance data. They will meet with you throughout the year to review your child’s progress. Attendance is a critical factor in the decision to retain. Please make sure your child is at school on time each day. You do have the right to appeal the decision of your child’s teacher(s) to retain or promote your child. The state of Arizona has a policy called “Move on When Reading” that affects third graders on the AZMerit state test. Third graders must pass the Reading portion on the AZMerit or they will be retained in third grade. 


TUSD established the Code of Conduct to help students, families, and schools achieve a quality education. These guidelines for student behavior are intended to help create a positive and safe teaching and learning environment in all schools. The Student Code of Conduct is available online and the office has several hard copies for parents and student to review. The code should be reviewed at home with your child. The guidelines within the booklet will be followed when students receive consequences for behavior. If student behavior leaves a mark on another child, we are required to make a mandatory report to Tucson Police. 


At Blenman, the PBIS model has been implemented using the Ben’s Bells Kindness Program. “Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible” (the 3 B’s) are the basis for how staff, students, guests, and parents are expected to behave on the Blenman Campus. We believe it is important for students to know how they act and treat each other is noticed and acknowledged individually as well as whole class.   

All support staff can give a class a “Kind Class Awards” award for demonstrating an aspect of the “3 B’s.” Each class earns a fun “treat” as they reach certain numbers of class eagles. In classrooms, teachers have Blenman Bucks to support students in exhibiting the 3 B’s which students can use to purchase prizes. Throughout the school year, different classroom and school-wide activities keep staff and students working to create a “3 B’s” environment at Blenman. 

Below is an example of what behaviors are expected in each area around campus.

Classroom Policies/Cell Phones


Please check with your child’s teacher at least 24 hours in advance of any birthday or other celebrations. Student birthday celebrations can be the last 20 minutes of the school day.  Only store-bought items can be brought in. We will not allow candy or soda in the classroom for parties. Check with your child’s teacher if any students have allergies. No balloons will be allowed in the classroom as it is a distraction to learning and a fire code violation. Balloons can be left up in the office until dismissal. 


If you have a question or concern about a classroom procedure or your child’s progress, please contact the teacher directly. This will open the proper lines of communication and hopefully support the important connection needed between home and school. We need to work together as a team to support your child’s education. 

CELL PHONESCell Phone Graphic With A Circle And Red Line Across It

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed to be used on campus. These guidelines are in place to facilitate a disruption-free learning environment and to guard against lost or stolen property.  If a student is using the cell phone during school hours, even on the playground, it is TUSD policy to take the cell phone away and place in the office vault/principal’s office. First offense, student will be given the phone back at the end of the day. After first offense, a parent will need to come to retrieve the phone. Recording of any kind by a student or parent is absolutely not allowed. 

Code of Conduct

“Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible”

  • Follow all directions of the adults who work in our school building.
  • Show respect for everyone and everything in and around the school.
  • DO NOT leave the school grounds for any reason without permission from a trusted adult.
  • Remain on campus at all times during school hours.
  • Play safe – no dangerous or harmful activities allowed.
  • Line up quickly and quietly when the bell rings or when signaled to do so.
  • Keep hands and feet to self.
  • Walk quietly in the hallways and always have a pass.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted for health and safety reasons.
  • Fidget spinners, cubes, and other toys are not permitted.
  • Makeup and purses should not be brought to school.
  • Walk bicycles on school grounds and always wear a helmet.
  • No foul or inappropriate language.
  • No fighting allowed.
  • Personal items that cause disruption or dangerous are prohibited (cellphones, computer games, toys, electronic devices, Pokemon cards, lighters, matches, weapons)
Note: This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change per principal discretion.

CUM Records/CPS/Child Custody


The Cumulative Record is an individual report for each student at our school.  It is required by law and is kept in the school office.  The Cumulative Record folder includes the following information: 

  • Registration Sheets 

  • Out-of-District Transcripts 

  • Progress Reports 

  • Suspension Reports 

  • Test Scores 

The Cumulative Record may be viewed by the school staff, parents, or guardians in the presence of the school principal or a designee.  No one outside the school may see this record unless it is subpoenaed by the court.  


In most cases, when parents are divorced, both mother and father continue to have legal rights when their children are concerned.  If you have a court order that limits the rights of one parent in matters such as custody or visitation, please bring a copy to the school office.  Unless the court order is on file with us, we must provide equal access rights to both parents. It is the expectation that both parents cooperate within school grounds. 


School personnel are mandated by law to report
 situations about children (such as non-accidental injuries, physical neglect, or emotional abuse) to law enforcement or the Dept. of Child Safety (DCS).  Failure to comply carries serious consequences for school personnel.  School personnel do NOT investigate or judge, we only report as mandated by state statute. If DCS sends an investigator to the school to interview a child, we cannot disclose that information to parents or guardians.  

Bus Transportation

BUS TRANSPORTATION            Direct Line: 225-4800

Bus transportation is a privilege for students who live in the designated distances from school.  Bus routes are created each year and are available at the opening of school. Please discuss the safest route home to and from the bus stop with your child. Make sure both you and your child have a plan if the bus is late in the morning or no one is home in the afternoon. Students are expected to observe the proper safety procedures and school rules on the buses.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action or bus suspension, in which case, parents must provide transportation for their children.    

Graphic of Child and Yellow School Bus

Homework Policy

It is the belief of the teachers at Blenman Elementary School that worthwhile, appropriate homework is an important aspect of education.  Homework is defined as work or study, assigned by the teacher, for completion outside classroom time.  


  1. Reading for 20-30 minutes each night 
  2. Assignments, which reinforce skills/concepts, taught in class.  (Handwriting, math, basic sight word vocabulary, spelling.) 
  3. Extension assignments which emphasize individual needs and interests, creativity, and application of knowledge gained in class.  (Science projects, creative writing, independent studies) 
  4. Make-up work due to absence. 
  5. Daily assignments not completed in class.  
We ask that parents: 
  • Set aside a specific time and quiet area for homework 

  • Review assignments for accuracy and completion. Make sure they are in backpacks ready to return when due 

  • Provide encouragement, support, and assistance, but allow the child to do the work 

  • Communicate with and support teachers 

Conferences/Personal Property


Please plan to attend your child’s scheduled parent/teacher conferences in order to stay current on his or her progress.  If you have concerns or problems that need to be discussed with the teacher, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a conference before the schedule conference time.  Open communication between school and family is important for student success. Visit the TUSD calendar for parent teacher conference dates.


Cell phones, trading cards (Pokemon cards), toys and electronic games may not
 be brought, sold, traded or played with at school. These items interrupt the learning environment and frequently lead to disciplinary problems. Certain items such as simulated weapons warrant serious consequences outlined in school policy. Items brought to school will be kept in the office for parent pick up. Items not picked up in a timely manner will be donated quarterly. TUSD is not responsible for loss, damage, theft, or vandalism of students’ personal property. If your child gives a personal item to another child, the school cannot be responsible for getting it back. 

Playground Rules

Students are expected to follow playground rules and our PBIS expectations of be kind, be responsible, and be respectful. Rough housing and play fighting can lead to actual conflict and will not be permitted. If your child has conflict on the playground, or sees someone else in conflict, we expect them to make a report to the closest monitor or other school staff. Students may not bring balls or playground equipment from home. Cussing, rock throwing, or any other unsafe behaviors will not be tolerated. Fighting on the playground will result in an automatic out of school suspension and possible mandatory report to Tucson Police. 

Newsletters From Principal/Teachers

NEWSLETTERS       Graphic of Silver Whistle

The school/teacher publishes a monthly newsletter. It is an important communication tool.  This newsletter provides a calendar with special activities, early release days, testing, parent conferences, vacations, lunch menus, etc. Our newsletters are also posted on our website (visit the Blenman website) Your child’s teacher may use alternate methods of communication including his/her website or a phone app. 

Guest Teachers

When the regular teacher or staff person is absent, substitutes provide the instruction. We appreciate the cooperation of everyone on these days. It can be difficult for children because their routines and practices are interrupted. All substitutes are certified by the state and trained by TUSD.

Signiature Page




I have received my copy of the Blenman’s Parent-Student Handbook.  It is my responsibility to read and understand the matters set forth in this Manual. By signing this page and returning it to my child’s teacher, I am agreeing to the statements set forth in this handbook. 


Parent’s Name: ______________________________________________  

                                    (Please Print) 


Student’s Name:  ______________________________________________ 

                                    (Please Print) 


Teacher’s Name: ______________________________________________ 

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Date: _____________________