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Office Staff
Portrait of Ivette Ortiz

Office Manager:  Ivette Ortiz

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Attendance Tech: Samantha Hansen
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Health Office

Laura Lichtenwalner MSN, RN
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Health Assistant: Jennifer Kennedy

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MTSS-Principal Designee/ Counselor/ Curriculum
MTSS Principal Designee
Portrait of Charlene Bruce

Charlene Bruce, M. Ed
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Curriculum Specialist
Portrait of Annette Bejarano
Annette Bejarano
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Gabriella Millan
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PreK and Project Able
Portrait of Timothy DeYoung
Timothy DeYoung
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Portrait of Faviola Sol

Ed. Assistant: Faviola Sol
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Ex Ed. Assistant: Serina Corral-Jaime
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ELD Class
Portrait of Alexis Balderrama 
Alexis Balderrama
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Gate Class

Onjolie Williams
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First Grade

Katherine Espinoza

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Gate Class

Kayla Cardenas
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Second Grade
Gate Class
 Sherri Hamdan

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Jeremy Chambers
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Third Grade
SEI Class
Portrait of Carley Mahan

Carley Parfitt 
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GATE Class

Portrait of Mary Ortiz Yslas

McKenna Ochoa

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Fourth Grade
ELD Class
Mr Edwards
Keith Edwards
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Gate Class

Linden Steele

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Fifth Grade
SEI Class
Portrait of Nicholas LaRue
 Nicholas LaRue

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Portrait of Alison Olcott

Alison Olcott
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Exceptional Ed
OMA Opening Minds through the Arts
 Opening Minds through the Arts
 Integration Spec

Cartoon Of Eagle
Bethanne Griffin

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Enrichment Instructor PE

 Briana Bravin
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Reading Interventionist
Patricia Waltrip

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Support Staff
Student Success Specialist/ Community Liaison
Portrait of Miles Warrior
Miles Warrior
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Technology Liaison
Portrait of Francine Bloom
Francine Bloom

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Library Assistant
Portrait of Elyssa Yslas
Elyssa Yslas

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Teacher Assistants
Josephine Mason

Matthew Trillo
Tricia Jones

Ms. Marina Robertson, Lead

Monitors Staff
Ms.Sevrina Leeth 
Ms. Susan Rubin

Custodial Staff
Maria Morales
MA  Aranda De Acevedo